Today it is very important for each and every one of us to go green. So many companies are starting to jump on the bandwagon and incorporate going green within their company wither it be using recycled bags, emailing receipts, or using better light sources.  Now, in the past few years’ companies are starting to incorporate sustainable designs.

A lot of companies are starting to use eco-friendly designs for example, The CFDA recently created the first-ever sustainability committeeLevi’s and Zara have committed to going toxic-free, and H&M has unveiled a series of ambitious sustainable design projects.  The use of creating sustainable and ethically designed clothing is creating a new job market! We are now having degrees in sustainable design, which may in the end give you the edge you may need in the industry.  That is said because there is a huge demand for sustainable and ethically designed clothing among consumers, so there is a large need for designers trained in those fields.

Some schools that offers this type of degree is California college of arts (san Francisco), London College of Fashion (London, UK), Parsons the new school for Design (NYC), Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC), and ESMOD Berlin (Berlin, Germany).


Therefore, I think if young kids in our generation want to stand out it may be something to look into because the way our world is going today we are beginning to do everything eco friendly!

I also think it is really important for some Public Relation firms to start incorporating themselves into certain eco friendly things because I think I would make them stand out and a lot of companies will soon be looking for help in that way and you will be one step ahead!



{90’s Style & Stealing your boyfriends clothes}


I’ve been known to steal my boyfriends clothes one to many times… The band Little Mix who was the first to ever win the X factor in UK is known for their 90’s style and also stealing their boyfriends clothing.  They are a band who members were all born in the 90’s and want to keep the edge going by dressing the part and wearing 90’s inspired clothing and making music which fits the era.   Kelly Kapowski of Saved by the Bell and Hillary Banks of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as style icons are their inspiration for their wardrobe.

Here are some questions which they were asked during an interview found on fashionista.com

What do you admire about each other’s style?
Jade: I admire that we’re all quite brave, because I know not many people would wear what we wear sometimes because it’s so loud and stuff, so to have the guts to wear a massive bright lemon and lime thing—do you know what I mean?

[Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne]: Aww, yea.

Do you ever look back at stuff that you wore and think, “God, I wish I hadn’t worn that?”
[All] Yeaaaahhh.

Perrie: Quite a lot, really, because on the X Factor it was different. We just cared so much about our performance and our vocal and getting the harmonies right that we didn’t care what we looked like, so we just threw anything on and it would be last minute. It was only one stylist with assistants to do everybody on the show, so it just got to the point where we were like, “We don’t care what we’re wearing, we just wanna have fun and put on a good show.” And that’s what it came down to.

Jade: There’s always that photo that you look at and think, “Ohh, I shouldn’t have worn that.”

Perrie: That’s because fashion evolves and trends change, but we’re not one to follow trends anyway.


The 90’s is where its at & where a lot of our fashion was born and reused again today. I love 90’s fashion! You can put together an outfit using so many different types of clothing, stand out & be different. Below are some pictures of 90’s inspired clothing that I would rock!


Now its time for you to throw in some inspired 90’s pieces into your personal wardrobe!


As a student and soon to be college graduate I think it is important to know what you are doing and listen to your peers when they are giving you advice. I think in the fashion world you want to make a good first impression and it is very important to do so. I found an amazing blog called Girl With A Banjo who tells you how it is and what you should and shouldn’t do in certain situations. 



One of her posts was very interesting and I thought went along with our class discussions very well! It is titled: 12 FASHION PR MISTAKES THAT PISS FASHION BLOGGERS OFF!

She got this list of 12 things PR people shouldn’t do when contacting a fashion blogger from Lucia Del Pasque an italian fashion blogger.  

You should go by this  list if you are trying to become a Fashion PR Girl!

1. Sorry, but who are you?
Lucia has faced that sort of Fashion PRs who invite you to an event, recall you to talk about &%$Ç@, send you an email to check if you’re coming… And then they make the horrible mistake of showing that they don’t know who the hell you are through these two awkward ways:
a) At the end of a phone call they ask you: “… but who were you exactly? Where do you work in?”.
b) When you show up in the event, you see that they ask their colleagues who you are because they’ve NEVER seen your face. Like ever. Then they don’t even come say hello.
NOTE TO ASPIRING FASHION PRs: Always make sure you triple-check who you are communicating with. I mean, go visit her blog and create a bloggers catalogue with pictures and names, if it helps!

2. Obsessively-communicative.
Mailing is fine. Meeting is cool. Making phone calls is right. But Lucia has suffered those Fashion PRs who are CRAZY about communicating at all levels and they go beyond the traditional means. She’s been contacted by Whatsapp and Facebook chat for important (and very long) issues, and she’s got lost in the middle.
“But hell, send me a damn email, who are you, my best friend?”, says Lucia.
NOTE TO ASPIRING FASHION PRs: Checking with the person you are intending to pitch which way he/she desires to be pitched is key for not becoming an overwhelming PR. Visit PR Couture by Crosby Noricks to find out more about pitching.

3. Shampoo.
Lucia has suffered the “Shampoo-girl Syndrome”, occurring when a random digital PR ignores basic things as the “target audience” and invites the wrong people to a certain event instead of or with you. “The risk of being photographed with a girl who’s wearing an acrylic leopard printed skirt and white shoes is high”, says Lucia.
 Controlling the target audience of the blog you are inviting to press events is key not only for your products, but also to create engagement across the guests.

4. B for Brandetta.
According to Lucia, some Fashion PRs had expected her to write a post about how “amazing, beautiful, fabulous and super-mega-wonderful” a single brand is, without explicitly telling her to do so. In fact, some time ago she had already written a post about a certain brand (all by herself), and a Fashion PR told her: “Oh, too bad, we could have collaborated under an economic agreement”. Bulls*$&!  
 Avoid this sort of… how to say… 360º-uncomfortable-situations? Be FAIR.

5. Sweetheart.
Love, honey, baby, cupcake-frosting, darling. Just… don’t. OK? You are not the blogger’s mum. Nor her hairdresser.
NOTE TO ASPIRING FASHION PRs: Be respectful and always maintain a professional tone when talking to a blogger. And anyone else.

6. The pseudo – digital.
Lucia exposes a funny situation in which she asks a Fashion PR: “so, what hashtag should I use?”. And the Fashion PR replies: “(what do you mean by) hashtag?”.
Get fully informed about the mambo-jambo of the bloggers you are intending to work with and learn to talk to them in an appropriate way. CD-ROM is not a word any more.

7. As you wish. 
Lucia explains that some Fashion PRs have invited her to press events to specifically get coverage from her in Style.it (where she collaborates and hosts a section). She seemed very pissed of the fact that they didn’t want her for The Fashion Politan instead.
Don’t try to limit a blogger’s freedom. Ask in advance in a kindly manner and NEVER force things! And if you finally decide to work with that blogger accept the consequences.

8. Goddesses. 
“Oh, like if you were Juno, Minerva or Elena. Don’t be that smug!”, says Lucia ironically.
 Remember what we talked about acting like a humble professional individual at all times, at all levels, with every single person? THAT!

9. The far-too-clever.
According to Lucia, some Fashion PRs don’t even hire photographers for their press events and pretend bloggers to make the pictures and send them all the day after. Even Instagram pictures. “Copy+Paste. Thank you”, chuckles Lucia.
By acting like this you’re inevitably giving the image of 1) a lazy PR and a 2) Ebenezer-Scrooge Brand. If you’re short of budget, analyse if it’s still a good idea to do a press event.

10. What do you think I am, a scratch card?
Lucia admits that some Fashion PRs have sneakily asked her to send them her mailing lists with all the contacts she has. “Those have an economical value”, she admits. And how right she is.
 By any mean you should ask something like this to a blogger. First of all because it is just not fair and you will be seen as a stealing raccoon, but also because it’s supposed to be illegal to traffic with personal-details. Just saying.

11. Come on, Cheesus Crackers. If I say no, it is NO.
“This kind of Fashion PR thinks Fashion Bloggers have nothing else to do in the world but trying the new Zara collection every day and eating cupcakes”, confesses Lucia.
NOTE TO ASPIRING FASHION PRs: Some Fashion Bloggers have really busy agendas and you, as a Fashion PR, have to understand when to get a NO to an invitation.

12. The day before.
Some Fashion PRs have called Lucia only the day before the once-in-a-century event just because nobody wanted to assist and they were in need of patching-guests.
Don’t be that obvious. Simply that.

 (This information was taken from http://www.girlwithabanjo.com/12-fashion-pr-mistakes/  and the amazing blogger Lucia del Pasqua  For her original post (in Italian), click here)

{sweet sweet summer time}

living in michigan I have grown to love summers & lake life. I have been very fortunate to have lived on a lake my whole life & I don’t know if I could last a summer without living on one. If I wasn’t a student and working a lot of hours I would be enjoying the lake life every day with a beer in my hand. The feeling your get when you are on a boat or even tubbing can not be explained… I forget about everything that is going on around me and just enjoy life. 


Summer is also a time of fun fashion! When spring hits all i want is be wearing shorts, sandals and cute tank tops. I am now going to show you some of my favorite summer trends and how to use them wither you are getting ready to go out of the lake or just enjoying a cook out.  

A must have for this summer is high wasted shorts with a cute crop top! You can make this amazing look cheap by finding high pasted jeans at salvation army and cutting them to what ever length you want and adding and inexpensive top from forever 21 and your got an amazing trend on look!



Another fun look that I find myself gravitating to a lot this summer is a simple white t-shirt paired with a bright colored pattern scarf and destroyed denim and a flat sandal! 




Another trend that is very popular this summer is HIGH low! It is being seen with dresses, skirts, and even shirts! Along with the HIGH low trend comes the maxi skirts… they come in every color and pattern possible! All you need is a plan black one and your set for the summer! 






Below are just some other looks that I am obsessed with! 


Image ImageHave a great summer & enjoy and be fashionable 🙂


Facebook is fading AWAY….



As we all know social media is taking over the world and our lives! Daily I am always checking each sight to see what’s new and I guess you could say stalking other peoples lives, which other people shouldn’t do as much as they do.. but they will never admit it. I have noticed lately that social media is taking a turn and the young crowd is beginning to take on other sites besides the popular social media site FACEBOOK.  Facebook is populated by the bandwaygon generation: mothers and the baby-boomer. Youngins are joining new ones like Tublr, snapchat, Vine, and Keek.  Tumblr has generated over 49 million blog post, Snapchat is base around sending images to fiend with control over when they get deleted and Keek and Vine allow people to post very brief videos.




Therefore, Facebook is dead… it is already seeing a decrease in users and activity by the younger generation because they are on to better and greater things… they live in a fast paced like and social media has to keep up with it! As time goes by new sites will be created as old ones get deleted out of ones Iphone.

What is going to be the next social media sight that we are all obsessed about?




Everyone punk is back! The Met’s upcoming Punk: Chaos to Coutre exhibition and the rebellion-infused fall 13’ runways are full of funk and punk! The art exhibit at Andrew Boltons gallery is shocking and unreal.  Bolton Stated “Punk was all about shock and provocation, and so to start off an exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a toilet—well, I thought was the ultimate punk statement,” which pretty much explains how funky this exhibit is.  The exhibit has clothing from very famous designers like Dolce & Gabana, Masin Martin Margiela, Comme des Garcons, Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano, and Gianni Versace. 


Bolton wanted to make sure the message that was prevailed didn’t offend anyone. He wanted to present punk in a respectful way.  But there are still a lot of fashionista that don’t believe punk should be in the same category as high fashion.  Over all the punk look is back and is more popular then ever and being seen in couture gowns.


A local boutique in New York City decided to celebrate the punk movement and feature pieces from Resurrection’s enviable archive.  Some of the pieces that they are showing range from polka-dot minicrinis and seditionaries’ Sid Vicious chaos tees and a pair of rare of shredded bondage pants that Gaye Advert gave owner Katy Rodriguez in London.  All of the Punk inspired items are up for sale and even for rent like M.I.A did because she is doing her promo pictures for her new album.



This movent is all about the impact PUNK has had in high fashion from the movements birth in the 1970’s and now still occurring on the runway today. 

{White House Correspondents’ Dinner}

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner happens yearly at the Washington Hilton, where the president gives his fifth address to the organization of journalist who cover the White House. There were plenty of laughs and good conversations going on during the dinner, but the presidents last message was very important, reminding the audience of how the media plays a huge role in our society today especially in hard times like were going through right now with the crisis of the Boston Marathon.

This event is an important one, all the guest were dressed to impress as always! There were some that were better than others and some that shouldn’t have worn the gown they chose!

Below are some pictures of the gowns that were worn at the White House Correspondents Dinner:

The two dresses below are my favorite from the night! They were both very well put together from their hair to their shoes!



The ladies below have some amazing long gowns on that I thought really stood out and were unique and fit their bodies and personalities really well!


Gag, The dress below was one of the worst from the night! It does not suit her well at all


The two dresses below were unique but awful at the same time! I always wonder what people are thinking when they pick out these gowns… some are just horrible!